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ASUS ZenFone Smartphone Android Terbaik

Mencari Ilmu adalah suatu kewajiban. Dengan terus berkembangnya teknologi, Smartphone kini tidak hanya berfungsi sebagai sarana melakukan panggilan telepon atau sms. Dengan smartphone android kini kita bisa mencari ilmu dimanapun dan kapanpun (any time and anywhere). Smartphone kini dapat berfungsi sebagai kamera, browsing (menjelajah internet), sistem navigasi yang sangat berguna untuk mencari rute perjalanan, hiburan seperti video, musik dan game, membuat catatan, dll. Smartphone android sekarang memiliki fungsi menyerupai komputer, seperti melakukan edit foto, dll. Dengan Smartphone kita juga bisa mencari Cerita Rakyat di Blog Folklore Lover sebagai cerita pengantar tidur untuk anak kita.

Mengikuti perkembangan zaman, ASUS menghadirkan Smartphone Android Terbaik. Dengan desain yang indah, material berkualitas tinggi dan fungsionalitas ZenUI, menjadikan ZenFone sebagai Spartphone Luar Biasa untuk Semua Orang. Dengan pilihan layar berukuran 4 sampai 6 inci dan berbagai pilihan warna, membuat ZenFone cocok digunakan oleh setiap orang, apapun kebutuhan dan gaya hidup mereka. ZenFone dilengkapi dengan lapisan Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 yang lebih handal dan tahan gores.



Long time ago, there is a handsome young man. His name is Awang Sukma. Awang Sukma wanders up to the middle of the jungle. He was amazed to see a wide variety of life in the forest. He built a tree house in a very large tree limb. He lived in the forest in harmony and peace. After a long stay in the forests, Awang Sukma was appointed ruler of that area and got the title "Datu". Once a month, Awang Sukma get around his territory, and he arrived in a clear lake. The lake is under a shady tree with many fruits. The birds and insects lives happily.

"Hmm, how beautiful this lake! This forest has extraordinary beauty" Datu Awang Sukma wondered.


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 Raden Putra is the King of Jenggala. He was accompanied by a consort of a kind and and a beautiful concubine. But, concubine of King Raden Putra possess envy and jealousy against the empress. She have a bad plan to the empress.

"It should I became empress. I must find a way to get rid of the empress," he thought.

Concubine of the king, conspired with a royal physician. She pretended to be sick. The royal physician was called immediately. The physician said that someone had put poison in the lady's drink.


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Once upon a time in Bali island, there is a fertile and prosperous country. Farm and fields always provide an abundant harvest. In the village lived a farmer named Mr. Jurna and his wife. They wanted his rice-plants yield more than the previous harvest.

"Hmm, should the rice planting season now that we make vows," Mr Jurna motion to his wife.

"Vows what, sir?" Miss Jurna said.

"Well, if rice yields will increase, we are making a big rice cone (tumpeng)," says Pak Jurna hopefully. Miss Jurna agrees.

Apparently Mr. Jurna rice harvest increased. In accordance with the vows that had been said, then Mr. Jurna and his wife make a great rice cone (tumpeng). Also will present eating and drinking party. But Mr. Jurna and his wife was not satisfied with the harvest which they obtained. They want vows again next growing season.

The Hedgehog and The Dog


  The Hedgehog and the Dog were formerly best friends, and cultivated bananas together. When the bananas were full-grown, the Hedgehog utilized to go to face at them every day, and when at end the were mature he welcome the Dog to go with him and eat them. When the two friends reached the metre of the banana player, the Hedgehog tried in vain to move the bunches of bananas. The Dog, meanwhile, slack on his posterior legs, could easily reach up and tear the product. He open them so satisfactory that he did not kibosh until he had eaten all the bananas, without giving a lonesome one to the Hedgehog, disregardless of his entreaties.