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Long long times ago, there's a kingdom named Daha. There is lived a brahmana named Begawan Sidi Mantra with his supernatural power. His teacher presented him the property and a beautiful wife. From his marriage he has a son named Manik Angkeran.

Manik Angkeran was a strong and smart young man but he had a bad habbit. He loved to gamble and always spent his father’s money.

One day, Manik Angkeran met with his father.

“Dead, I had many debt. Please pay for them!” Manik Angkeran said.
“O.. my son, you’re so pity!” Sidi Mantra said.



Long time ago, there is a handsome young man. His name is Awang Sukma. Awang Sukma wanders up to the middle of the jungle. He was amazed to see a wide variety of life in the forest. He built a tree house in a very large tree limb. He lived in the forest in harmony and peace. After a long stay in the forests, Awang Sukma was appointed ruler of that area and got the title "Datu". Once a month, Awang Sukma get around his territory, and he arrived in a clear lake. The lake is under a shady tree with many fruits. The birds and insects lives happily.

"Hmm, how beautiful this lake! This forest has extraordinary beauty" Datu Awang Sukma wondered.


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 Raden Putra is the King of Jenggala. He was accompanied by a consort of a kind and and a beautiful concubine. But, concubine of King Raden Putra possess envy and jealousy against the empress. She have a bad plan to the empress.

"It should I became empress. I must find a way to get rid of the empress," he thought.

Concubine of the king, conspired with a royal physician. She pretended to be sick. The royal physician was called immediately. The physician said that someone had put poison in the lady's drink.


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Long ago, there lived a boy named Banta Barensyah with his mother in a village in Aceh. Their life is very poor. Their job is just winnowing rice husk in a rice mill. Their wages were only a handful of rice. One day there was no work in rice mills so that they could not eat. So Bareansyah's mother, go ask for rice to her wealthy brother 'Jacob'. But instead of rice obtained, but shout. Not far from their village, there is a kingdom which king was very wise. He has a beautiful daughter named 'Putri Terus Mata'. She just wanted to get marry if there is a man who can find her clothes of gold and suasa.

The desire of the princess reached the Berensyah ears.

"Let me look for that clothes Mom. I'll sail to the country side. I will be aboard Uncle Jacob," said Barensyah pleaded.

With a heavy heart, his uncle let him participate. Armed with a flute and a piece of taro leaves he went. Up in the middle of the sea he was dropped by his uncle on Barensyah demand. He immediately held his taro leaves and like magic he could float. Gusts of wind bringing Berensyah to the destination. After arriving at the land he immediately looking for a weaver and convey the intent why he came.


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Once upon a time in Bali island, there is a fertile and prosperous country. Farm and fields always provide an abundant harvest. In the village lived a farmer named Mr. Jurna and his wife. They wanted his rice-plants yield more than the previous harvest.

"Hmm, should the rice planting season now that we make vows," Mr Jurna motion to his wife.

"Vows what, sir?" Miss Jurna said.

"Well, if rice yields will increase, we are making a big rice cone (tumpeng)," says Pak Jurna hopefully. Miss Jurna agrees.

Apparently Mr. Jurna rice harvest increased. In accordance with the vows that had been said, then Mr. Jurna and his wife make a great rice cone (tumpeng). Also will present eating and drinking party. But Mr. Jurna and his wife was not satisfied with the harvest which they obtained. They want vows again next growing season.