Once upon a time in Tapanuli, North Sumatra, there lived a famous sculptor named Datu Panggana. When he received the order, he went to the forest to find the most suitable wood and carved to order. One day, he got the inspiration to carve the wood he found. He worked all day in the workshop to carve the wood into a statue of a beautiful woman. Then, he put the statue in front of his house.

Then, a young trader passing by and saw the statue. His name is Bao Partigatiga. He was very impressed with the beauty of the statue. He then put a beautiful clothing and jewelry at the statue. 

"It's very beautiful," he said to himself proudly. 

The statue looks like a real person. Then he left Datu Punggana's house.
After that, a priest named Datu Partoar and his wife's passing. They were also impressed with the beauty of the statue. 

"I want to pray to God to make her live like a real person. I want to make her as our daughter," said Datu Partoar to his wife. 

This couple does not have children yet. The statue turned into a very beautiful girl. Datu Partoar and his wife then took the girl home. They named her Nai Manggale.

News of the deployment beauty Nai Manggale throughout the village. All the villagers came to the house of Datu Partoar to see Nai Manggale. Among them are Datu Panggana and Bao Partigatiga. Nai Manggale honestly say to the villagers that she was actually a statue that became a woman who lives by the grace of God.

Datu Panggana go after Datu Partoar to claim his own creation and Bao Partigatiga also claim the right to live statue. 

"It was me that was carved her out from a wood. So, she was mine," said Datu Panggana.

"He was wearing my clothes and jewelry. So, she should go with me," said Bao Partigatiga. 

"Remember, I am making her own living as a human being. So, she's still here," Datu Partoar also joined in the argument.

The three men were arguing. They claim to have the right Nai Manggale. To appease them, an old man from the village providing a solutions. His name Aji Bahir. 

"You all may have had a relationship with her. Datu Panggana, you are her uncle. Bao Partigatiga, you're his brother. And Datu Partoar, you're the father." The three men took the advice from Aji Bahir. And they are happy because now they are related.
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