Long time ago, there is a handsome young man. His name is Awang Sukma. Awang Sukma wanders up to the middle of the jungle. He was amazed to see a wide variety of life in the forest. He built a tree house in a very large tree limb. He lived in the forest in harmony and peace. After a long stay in the forests, Awang Sukma was appointed ruler of that area and got the title "Datu". Once a month, Awang Sukma get around his territory, and he arrived in a clear lake. The lake is under a shady tree with many fruits. The birds and insects lives happily.

"Hmm, how beautiful this lake! This forest has extraordinary beauty" Datu Awang Sukma wondered.

The next day, when Datu Awang Sukma was blowing his flute, he heard the noise of a low in the lake. On the sidelines of the fissured rock pile, Datu Awang Sukma peering toward the lake. Awang Sukma astonishment when he saw 7 beautiful girls are playing water. "Could they be the fairies?" thought Awang Sukma. Seven beautiful girls was not aware if they are being watched and ignoring their shawls used to fly, scattered around the lake. One shawl is located near Awang Sukma. "Wow, this is a good opportunity to get a scarf in that tree," muttered Datu Awang Sukma.

Hearing the sound of the leaves, the girls were shocked and immediately took the shawl each. When the seventh daughter wants to fly, it turns out there is a princess who could not find his clothes. She has been abandoned by the sixth sisters. At that time, Datu Awang Sukma immediately come out of hiding. "Do not worry princess, I will help as long as the princess refused to live with me," pleaded Datu Awang Sukma. Youngest daughter still in doubt receive a helping hand Datu Awang Sukma. But since no one else there is no other way but to accept aid Youngest Daughter Awang Sukma.
Datu Awang Sukma admire beauty Youngest Daughter. Similarly, the youngest daughter. She was happy to be around a handsome and gallant. Finally they decided to become husband and wife. A year later a baby girl was born beautiful and named Kumalasari. Family life is very happy Datu Awang Sukma.

However, one day a black cock up to the barn and scratch on the surface of the rice granary. Youngest daughter tried to shoo the chicken. Suddenly his eyes fixed on a bamboo tube that lay in the former Kaisan chicken. "What about it do you?" Youngest Daughter thought. When the tube was opened, Youngest Daughter surprised and cheered. "It's my shawl!, Youngest daughter cried. Shawl was also hugged her. Feeling annoyed and irritated fixed on her husband. But he was very fond of him.

Youngest daughter finally made up his mind to return to heaven. "Now is the time I have to go back!," He told himself. Youngest daughter immediately put on her shawl while carrying the baby. Datu Awang Sukma was stunned to see what happened. He immediately came over and apologized for the actions that improperly hide shawl Youngest Daughter. Datu Awang Sukma realize that separation is inevitable. "Kanda, dinda Kumalasari please guard it well," said the youngest daughter told Datu Awang Sukma. "View Datu Awang Sukma staring blankly into space." When our children miss me, take seven seeds pecans, and put it in a basket that shaken-Roll play with a rebound and flute. I surely will come soon to see her, "said the youngest daughter.

Youngest daughter immediately put on her shawl, and immediately flew to heaven. Datu Awang Sukma sad and vowed to ban black offspring raising chickens he considered disastrous.

The moral is: If we want something better with a good and lawful manner. We must not steal or take goods / property of others because one day we will get a penalty.
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