One day in Bali, there is a man and his wife were praying. They have been married for a long time but didn't have any child. They asked God to give them a children. They prayed and keep prayed. God finally answered their pray. The wife then, got pregnant and gave a birth to a baby boy. They were very gratefull and happy.

The baby was extraordinary. He was very different from most babies. He ate and drank a lot. Day after day he ate more and more. His body was getting bigger and bigger. And by the time he was a teenager, his body was as big as a buffalo. People then started to call him Kebo Iwa.

His eating habit make Kebo Iwa’s parents spent a lot of money to buy his food in large amount. They finally went bankrupt. They gave up and asked the villagers to help them provide the food.

The villagers then worked together to cook and build a big house for Kebo Iwa. He was like a giant. He could not stay with his parents anymore because his body is too big. Sadly, after a few months, the villagers also could not afford to cook him the food. They then asked Kebo Iwa to cook his own food. The villagers just prepared the raw materials.

Kebo Iwa agreed and as an expression of his gratitude to the villagers, he built a dam, dug wells, and he also protected the villagers from wild animals and people who wanted to attack their village. He did those things by himself.

Meanwhile, the troops of Majapahit were planning to attack Bali. They knew about Kebo Iwa. And they also knew that they could not conquer Bali with Kebo Iwa there. Kebo Iwa was too powerful for them.

Gajah Mada, the Maha Patih (Chief Minister) of Majapahit then planned something. They were pretending to invite Kebo Iwa to Majapahit to help them dig some wells. They said that Majapahit was suffering from a long dry season and needed much water. Kebo Iwa didn't know the plan, so he went to Majapahit without any suspicion.

When Kebo Iwa was busy digging a very big well, the troops covered the well with many lage boulders. Kebo Iwa had difficulty in breathing and buried alive. He died inside the well.

After the death of Kebo Iwa, Bali was conquered by Majapahit. Until now, people still remember Kebo Iwa because he had done a lot for Majapahit and Bali. The stone head of legendary Kebo Iwa can be found in Pura Gaduh temple in Blahbatuh, Gianyar.

Kebo Iwa also known as Kebo Waruga or Kebo Taruna.

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