Long ago, The King Sungging Perbangkara go hunting. In the middle of the woods of the King dispose of urine deposited in caring leaves (taro forest). A female pig named Wayung who was meditated for being human, had to drink urine. Wayungyang pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby. Beautiful baby was taken to the palace by his father and named Dayang Sumbi or Rarasati. Many kings who wanted to propose Dayang Sumbi, but no one has accepted. They fought each other to get Dayang Sumbi love.

Dayang Sumbi even at its own request, went into exile in the hill accompanied by a male dog named Tumang. As she weaves, toropong (torak) which was used to weave cloth fell down. Because Dayang Sumbi feel lazy, flew without thought before speech, he promised to anyone who get torak to fall when he was a man, will be her husband. Tumang get the torak and given to Dayang Sumbi. Dayang Sumbi eventually gave birth to a baby boy named Sangkuriang.

When Sangkuriang hunting in the forest he sent Tumang's to pursue a female pig (Wayungyang). Because Tumang's not according to, Sangkuriang killed Tumang. Tumang's heart was given to Dayang Sumbi by sangkuriang, then cooked and eaten. After Dayang Sumbi know that she ate is the hearts of Tumang's, Dayang Sumbi very angry, and struck Sangkuriang's head with a spoon made ​of coconut shell so that he wound.

Sangkuriang go wandering around the world. After a long walk to the east finally arrived in his hometown again and unconsciously arrive back where Dayang Sumbi lives. Sangkuriang not recognize that beautiful princess she found, is Dayang Sumbi - his mother. Accidentally, Dayang Sumbi know that Sangkuriang is his son, with a wound in his head. However Sangkuriang still forced to marry her. Dayang Sumbi requested that Sangkuriang make the boat and the lake, which must be completed overnight, to stem the Citarum river. Sangkuriang menyanggupinya.

Then, Sangkuriang make a boat from a tree that grows in the east, the tree stump turned into a mountain Bukit Tanggul. Branches piled on the west and became Mount Burangrang. With the help of guriang (genie), the dam was almost completed. But Dayang Sumbi beg to Sang Hyang Tunggal so that Sangkuriang purpose did not materialize. Dayang Sumbi spread the slice ​​boeh rarang (white cloth she made), at the same time, the dawn appeared on the eastern horizon.

Sangkuriang became angry, at the top of his anger, the dam is located in Sanghyang Tikoro ruined. The plug of Citarum river tossed to the east, and turned into Mount Manglayang. The water of Bandung lake became subsided. Boats are made ​​with pains kicked by Sangkuriang to the north and turned into Mount Tangkuban Perahu.

Sangkuriang continue to pursue Dayang Sumbi, who suddenly dissapeared on Putri Mountain and turns into a flower Jaksi. And Sangkuriang after arriving at the place called the Ujung Berung finally disappeared into the invisible realm (ngahiyang).

Source : Wikipedia
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